A few things about me...

Hi, I'm Megan! I am a high school teacher, an opera singer, and I fiercely collect first edition Agatha Christie books. 

I live in the PNW and I am thrilled to call the Tacoma Glass Museum my "back yard." When I'm not teaching or singing, you can probably find me knee deep in a DIY project or trying to convince my dog to wear clothes. 

I started photography because I wanted to give musicians (like me) unique and stunning headshots so they could worry a little bit less on audition day. I had NO IDEA that I would fall in love with this art. 

Music is an art that disappears the moment it is created. Photography is an art that can persevere through time. 

I know we haven't met yet, but I already know that you are unique, amazing, and deserve to feel beautiful. My goal is to make you feel confident in front of the lens and give you photos that you can't wait to post and print. Whether you are looking for headshots, lifestyle photos for your blog, or want to celebrate your love, let's chat! I would be honored to be your friend and photographer.



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